Affirmative, master.

How I do miss being K-9. Curse you, exams. Curse you!

((Sorry for my absence recently, I’ve got a lot of work at the moment with big exams :S))

What have I missed, masters?

((Hmm, prolonged absence. Sorry :S I’ve had a lot on.))
((ooc: Finally home from England, so I can get back to K-9 :3))

((Also, just logged on to my personal blog to find a ridiculous amount of hate, and I don’t know how to stop it >< Any ideas? :/ ))

That's good! I'm glad. I'm pretty good thank you -smiles-

I am glad, mistress! *wags tail* 

I am, I am. *Crouches down beside him* How are you coping with the loss of Sarah-Jane?

I am coping sufficiently well, mistress. I am not programmed to feel pain or sadness. Those are human traits… 

K-9! How're you doing, dear?

I am doing fine, mistress Kate! How are you doing?

K-9! Are you alright?

Affirmative, mistress Kimmi!

Are you alright? 


Affirmative, mistress.

((I’m getting home on Thursday, but I’ve just managed to get online for a few minutes now. I’ll be back on properly when I’m home :3))